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Now, get the muscle-building, definition-enhancing power of chicken protein in a convenient powder form: new CHiKPRO™ Chicken Protein Isolate Powder!

  • Nutritionally comparable to chicken breast
  • 100% real, natural chicken – no fillers!
  • Fully cooked, ready to eat
  • One 30g scoop contains 25g protein
  • Non-allergenic, dairy-free, and gluten-free
  • Won’t cause water retention and bloating – ideal for the critical two weeks before competition!

Add CHiKPRO™ to recipes, snacks, smoothies, ready meals, and more, for all the benefits of bodybuilders’ most trusted protein—without all the grilling, baking, and broiling.

25g of protein per 30g scoop
Muscle builds muscle

CHiKPRO Advantages

  • Nutritionally comparable to chicken breast
  • 100% Real, natural chicken
  • Non-allergenic
  • Won’t cause bloating
  • No more grilling
  • The most concentrated form of essential amino acids
  • More than 180% more L-arginine than whey*
  • High in minerals including zinc and iron
  • Natural potassium/sodium ratio
  • Fast absorption and digestibility

*Preliminary testing
CHiKPRO is a patent-pending technology.

What can YOU make with CHiKPRO?

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Premium Protein Gravy coming soon
Premium Protein Gravy
Chicken Protein Isolate Powder buy now
Chicken Protein Isolate Powder
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Chicken Protein Snack Mix
(as seen at Olympia)
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Fitness Expertise

We’re proud to name these fitness and nutrition authorities among the celebrities, athletes, and competitors now relying on CHiKPRO™ for premium protein performance!

David Hawk
David Hawk
Former Mr. World and Mr. USA, supplement expert, and trainer
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Olympic Gold Medalist and professional wrestler in WWE and TNA
Finish Strong

Meat is the most efficient type of protein for building muscle, and that’s one reason chicken is professional bodybuilders’ first choice! It’s also ideal for gaining definition—without retaining water—especially during the critical two weeks before competition. Now get efficient, non-allergenic chicken protein in a convenient powder form, and finish strong with CHiKPRO™!

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